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  • School of Journalism and mass media 

    Unknown author (2015)

    Mount Kenya University (MKU) is an International Chartered University committed to a broad base, holistic and inclusive system of Education. As part of its strategic goal in supplementing government effort to provide ...
  • Prospectus, 2019-2020 Academic Year 

    Director, Corporate Communications (Mount Kenya University, 2019-01-01)
    This book contain approved programmes that are offered in the University
  • Mt Kenya University transfers pharmacy students to Nairobi campus 

    Times, Reporter (TheNewTimes, 2017-10-06)
    Up to 70 Rwandan students who were pursuing degree courses in pharmacy at Mount Kenya University Kigali campus have been transferred to Nairobi campus following the closure of the pharmacy department at Kigali campus, the ...

    IGIHE (IGIHE, 2019-10-21)
    Mount Kenya University Rwanda launched a state of the art swimming pool to serve its students and the general public. The swimming pool located in its new hostel christened Mount Kigali Hostel.The facility is part of a ...
  • Mount Kenya University supports vulnerable students 

    Joseph, Mudingu (TheNewTimes, 2019-02-25)
    The chairman and founder Prof. Simon Gicharu hands over the cheque to Imbuto foundation’s director-general Sandrine Umutoni. / Joseph Mudingu Over 100 vulnerable secondary students from Imbuto Foundation have received ...
  • Mount Kenya University founder on plans to roll out education that responds to people’s needs 

    Jean, d'Amour Mbonyinshuti (TheNewTimes, 2019-06-04)
    Mount Kenya University MKU), the biggest private university in East and Central Africa, has committed to keep working hard to establish a fully autonomous Mount Kenya University Rwanda (MKUR). In so doing, the institution ...
  • MKU Rwanda set to be fully-fledged university 

    Michel, Nkurunziza (TheNewTimes, 2018-10-08)
    Mount Kenya University, Rwanda Campus is set to be granted a charter by the government of Rwanda to operate as a fully-fledged national private tertiary institution.According to a letter by the Executive Secretary of High ...
  • MKU Newsletter 3rd Edition, January 2017 

    Mount Kenya University (Mount Kenya University, 2017-01)
    The placement of the first batch of Government-sponsored students in private universities since independence marks a major milestone in Kenya’s higher education sector.Mount Kenya ...
  • Mount Kenya University founder Simon Gicharu honoured as professor in Namibia 

    Wanga, Justus; Achuka, Vincent (The Daily Nation, 2016-09-25)
    When Mr Simon Gicharu, the founder of Mt Kenya University, is awarded an honorary professorship at the International University of Management (IUM) in Windhoek, Namibia, Monday, he will be adding another feather to one of ...
  • MKU @ 20 Years 

    Mount Kenya University (Mount Kenya University, 2016-08)
    This is a special publication of Mount Kenya University that highlights the tremendous achievements by the institution over the past 20 years.
  • We must unlock our potential in entrepreneurship to create jobs 

    Gicharu, Simon Nyutu (The Daily Nation, 2016-08-01)
    Most, if not all economic analysts, agree that entrepreneurship holds the key to the creation of jobs and improvement of livelihoods. As a country therefore, we must begin to think seriously on how to nurture an ...
  • Applied mathematics for Craft Engineering 

    Gicharu, Simon Nyutu; Uppal, S. M.; Kamau, James; Humphreys, H. M. (Jommo Kenyatta Foundation, 1996)
  • Citation for Mr. Simon Nyutu Gicharu, CBS for the award of Honorary Doctor of Science by Gulu University on October 25, 2014 

    Gicharu, Simon Nyutu (2014-10)
    Mr. Simon Nyutu Gicharu was born in a small rural village known as Gathiruini in Kiambu County, Kenya, in 1964. He is the first in a family of six, born to the late Stephen Gicharu, and Alice Wambui. His early life ...
  • Mount Kenya University Botanical Garden Shares Its Diversity Internationally 

    Unknown author (Mount Kenya University, 2015)
    The Mount Kenya University Botanical Garden has received international recognition through the publication of a peer reviewed research article in the latest edition (June 2016) of the prestigious International Journal ...
  • Your future starts here 

    Mount Kenya University (Mount Kenya University, 2016-06)
    Mount Kenya University is a private university committed to a broad-based, holistic and inclusive system of education. It has an overall goal of promoting human resource development for society’s progressive good. The ...
  • Mount Kenya University Newsletter (Kigali Campus) issue 002 

    Mount Kenya University, Kigali Campus (Mount Kenya University, 2014-01)
    This publication covers events of interest to Mount Kenya University fraternity and the stakeholders. The Editor welcomes original news articles, features, expert opinion and general interest articles from the staff and ...
  • Research & Innovation Bulletin Issue No. 2: 2013 

    Mount Kenya University, Directorate of Research and Development (Mount Kenya University, 2013)
    Key mandates of universities the world over are mainly teaching, research and service provision. In many African countries, including Kenya, research is usually not accorded the priority it deserves. Mount Kenya University ...
  • Directorate of Research and Development: Research & Innovation Bulletin Issue No. 4: 2015 

    Mount Kenya University, Directorate of Research and Development (Mount Kenya University, 2015)
    Science, technology and innovation (STI) are expected to play a pivotal role in Kenya’s Vision 2030 development blue print. Mount Kenya University is therefore committed to play its part in complementing government efforts ...
  • Mount Kenya University Newsletter: Issue no. 004 

    Mount Kenya University (Mount Kenya University, 2013-12)
    Mount Kenya University has sought accreditation in the United States of America in a bid to get international exposure for its students and faculty. The university, which is fully accredited in East Africa has an existing ...

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